How Well Do You Know The USA?

Here at Just America we’re specialists in providing unforgettable, once in a lifetime, tours to the USA. We know just how fantastic this country is for seeing some of the most spectacular sites in the world, exploring fascinating cities, and discovering adventure at every turn. The key question is, do you?

To find out, here’s our brand new ‘How Well Do You Know The USA?’ quiz; an exciting opportunity for you to test your American knowledge to the max! Featuring a range of trivia, astonishing facts and unexpected results, it’s jam-packed with surprises.

Based on the Route 66 ‘Mother Road’ from Chicago all the way to LA, the quiz takes you on a journey through the USA. If you can get all the answers right, you will successfully complete your road trip, but if you get some questions wrong, you could end up lost along the way!

So how well do you know the USA? Take our quiz today to find out!