“The Most Spectacular Train Trip in the World”

RM train near Sicamous

No visit to the Canadian Rockies would be complete without a spectacular scenic journey on the Rocky Mountaineer train. Of all the Rockies train trips the Rocky Mountaineer is the most legendary and breathtaking. Let Just America help you realise the dream of the ultimate rail journey. See our Canadian Rockies and Rocky Mountaineer self-drive tour for an example of how we can include the Rocky Mountaineer into a leisurely self-drive tour of Alberta and British Columbia.

The route of this Rockies train trip was created over a century ago. A road of steel opening up the Canadian West, hewn by hand, through some of the most rugged terrain in the world. Today, this same historical route is recognised as one of the world’s classic journeys. This is the land of legend, still wild and unspoiled, still home to abundant wildlife. This is a land of majestic snowy peaks, glittering glacial lakes, roaring waterfalls and towering trees. Make this the year you experience the adventure and scenic wonders of the Canadian Rockies and Canada’s west up close, all in day- light with the greatest of all Rockies train trips, the Rocky Mountaineer Railtour.

Rocky Mountaineer Railtours offer a choice of two levels of service aboard their trains:


Rocky Mountaineer onboard service

The SilverLeaf cars feature enhanced windows that form a partial dome and includes at-seat dining with gourmet breakfast and lunch selections.  SilverLeaf Service passengers will have their luggage delivered to their hotel in Kamloops.

  • SilverLeaf Service Features:

    * Enjoy panoramic views from oversized windows in our single-level dome coach – 167% larger viewing area than RedLeaf service.
    * Relax in reclining dome-level seats which can rotate to accommodate groups of four.
    * Enjoy temperature-controlled comfort.
    * Overnight in moderate hotel accommodation in Kamloops with luggage delivered to your hotel.
    * Transfers to and from the train on your package tour.



GoldLeaf dining
GoldLeaf dining

GoldLeaf Service – Quite simply, as good as it gets. When you board the Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf dome coach, you will understand why guests rave about GoldLeaf Service. As you relax in your assigned seat, coffee or chilled orange juice is served. The pampering does not stop. Comfort and luxury are found in the GoldLeaf dining room on the lower level where white linen, gleaming tableware and fresh bouquets await you. Your menu choices will include regional cuisine created by talented onboard GoldLeaf chefs. It is the ultimate dining experience, with stunning and constantly changing décor outside your window. For your overnight stay in Kamloops, you will discover that check-in to your accommodation has been arranged. Your room awaits and so does your luggage. The GoldLeaf dome coach puts you in the middle of the awe-inspiring scenery of the Canadian Rockies. Combined with the service and commentary provided by the Onboard Attendants, you will realize that with Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service, you are experiencing one of the world’s most unforgettable rail adventures.

GoldLeaf dome car
GoldLeaf Dome Car

GoldLeaf Dome Coach Features:

* Temperature controlled comfort.
* 70 reclining dome level seats with extended legroom.
* 36 dining room seats (4 sharing) with picture windows.
* Full galley with gourmet menu selections.
* Ultra smooth ride.
* Assigned seating in full-length dome coach.
* Dome level seats that rotate to accommodation groups of four.
* Spiral staircase to dome level.
* Rocky Mountaineer GoldLeaf Service and amenities.


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